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Its base and background have very traditional masculine notes which is what makes it so beautifully ambiguous.It is a genuinely 21st century perfume, it could not have come from any other time in history.In some ways you could imagine a dandified gent in the 1920's wearing it but i think it's too subtle a scent for that time period.You will hear and read many people saying that Dior Homme Intense is the better and much improved version of this perfume but i strongly disagree with that notion too.I mean I know it’s smells good, but something in it reminds me of the perfume my grandma used to wear. Fragrances like this push the boundaries of how sublime a designer fragrance can be. Mature and more "feminine" but a guy can easily wear this. It needs a note to liven things up but it stays leathery. Then, I was wondering how could something smell like crayons have so much love. I admit that I did not treat it right the first time. I don't get the lipstick smell like what people say. It is so natural and I must say that it is very well blended.I can only imagine a much more mature man pulling it off in a very formal setting. artistry, blend, complexity and quality are all there. If smooth powdery leather is your thing then you will love this but its all a bit smooth and lifeless So, I have heard and watched so many reviews on this. Then, I decided just to go for a 50ml bottle on Fragrancenet. This is not a fragrance that a test strip deserves. I just get a very very smooth, creamy floral smell with a woody undertone. Sweet floral that gets balanced out with rich wood and just a little but a right amount of leather. For perfomance, I get an good longevity and a moderate projection for 1-2 hours. Basically, the performance on this one is like La nuit de L'Homme on my skin, which is another one of my favorite. 1-2 hours of moderate projection when I meet someone is awesome.

Yes, some say this is unisex, but in my honest opinion, this is super duper masculine. This, combined with the iris root, give the opening an almost vegetal accord. Then the iris becomes this soft interstitial note that lightly envelops everything else.I don't go for the sport version but the cologne is comparable to malin & goetz bergamot and 1/3 the price. I just wasn't overly impressed and couldn't get over how plastic it smells. I feel equally comfortable wearing this in a suit as I do in a nice sweater and jeans. There is no mistaking,it smells like lipstick, but it's so classy and likeable.Too me it comes off as a little woody and 1st time I wore it was with a club cotton polo and it felt like the ultimate combination. Dior doesn't disappoint on this one and I think the ratings reflect it Everything about this frag smells very synthetic to my nose. The first blast smells almost exactly like a crayon and then it mellows into an opened lipstick tube inside an old makeup bag. It is very unique for sure, but I do not think I will be buying a FB once my decant is gone. This is my counterpart signature scent to Narciso Rodriguez For Him. It's very versatile and can be worn in every situation / harsh at all. This wonderful creation has changed my olfactory life!i love this over the intense version, i think is more wearable and less heavy.my love 10/10 this one's actually a pretty big hit.

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